Jeff’s Gaming Resources


Because it’s so popular, there’s a separate page for Jeff’s Custom Wiz-War.

Car Wars

All of the following Car Wars files are contained in a single zip archive:

  • Reference Documents (PDF)
    • Manuever Quick References
    • Line-of-Sight Quick Reference
    • Jumping & Falling Charts
    • Speed and Handling Class Track
    • Weapons List
  • Character Sheets (PDF)
    • Blank Character Sheet (2-up)
    • Blank Character Sheet (3-up)
  • Vehicle Design/Record Sheets (PDF and Excel)
    The Microsoft Excel versions of the following vehicle design sheets include automatic calculation of weight, cost, acceleration, etc.
    • Automobile Sheet
    • 6-Wheeler Sheet
    • Cycle Sheet (with sidecar)
    • Normal Trike Sheet
    • Reversed Trike Sheet
    • 10-Wheeler Sheet
    • Bus Sheet
    • Cab Sheet
  • Vehicle Combat Sheets (PDF)
    These mini-reference sheets allow you to fit twelve vehicles on each page. You can also photocopy or print them onto heavier stock, then cut them into separate cards. If you write the vehicle’s characteristics in ink, you can use a pencil during the combat to allow repeated re-use of the cards.
    • Automobile Mini-Reference
    • Cycle & Sidecar Mini-Reference
    • 10-Wheeler Mini-Reference
  • Arenas (PDF)
    • Arena 1
    • Arena 2


All of the following Harnmaster files are contained in a single zip archive:

  • Reference Documents (PDF and Pagemaker)
    • Combat Reference (2 pages)
  • Character Sheets (PDF and Pagemaker)
    • Blank Character Sheet
    • Equipment Sheet
  • Text-Parsing Armor Calculation Worksheet (Excel)
    Simply enter a normal English description for each piece of armor, and this Microsoft Excel worksheet will calculate invividual body area and overall protection, encumbrance, and armor efficiency. Understands phrases such as “superior green linen tunic,” automatically determining which body areas the piece covers, how much protection it provides, and how much it weighs based on body size and type of cloth. Also supports magical modifiers, as well as odd-sized and/or non-standard armor pieces. Includes all tables and simple on-line instructions.
  • Talvae’s Spellbook (PDF)
    Same look and feel as the official Harn spell books. Contains several Lyavhi spells created for my character Talvae.