Jeff's Custom Wiz-War

Wiz-War is copyright 1985 by Jolly Games. This material is posted with Tom Jolly’s explicit permission for individual use, but is not to be sold or distributed otherwise.


Like many Wiz-War fans who became frustrated that such a great game was so long out-of-print, I eventually invested the effort to make my own set. If you can find one, I highly encourage you to buy the real thing, but if you are desperate for something to tide you over, feel free to use and/or modify what I’ve done.

Each of the components is described below, and you can download them all individually. If you prefer, you can also get everything at once by downloading the following file:


I used the standard layouts from the six boards in the 5th edition & expansions, and I added two original layouts. I printed each of them onto full-page labels , which I then attached to scrap matte-board. (At 200 dpi the boards will be 7.5″ square, but you can make them whatever size you like.) I sprayed “Super Grip” on the back to keep them from sliding around on the table.


These were also printed onto full-page labels, then attached to matte-board before being cut out. (Print them at the same dpi setting you use for the boards.) They are designed to be used two-sided, so that some tokens (such as the Portcullis) have distinct “open” and “closed” sides. Of course, you don’t have to use them that way.


The following cards are designed to be printed on 2″ x 4″ labels (Avery 5163 or equivalent, 10 labels per sheet) and stuck to something cheap, such as penny-each Magic commons.

You should be forewarned that I’ve rewritten almost all of them to some extent, so they won’t match the official versions. The only set our group plays with is mine, so making things consistent and clear for our group eventually became more important than matching the original text.

Cards last revised: 12-23-2003 (text revisions and several new spells)

LOM: Line of Motion — a straight line not blocked by obstacles. In general, something must be in LOS (line of sight) to count as being in LOM. In the case of the Crossbow, for example, a bolt cannot go through a glass wall, even though an LOS spell could.

Spell/Card Database

I keep all this stuff in a Microsoft Access database for easy customization and printing. (If you don’t have Access, Lindsey reports that the free Open Office database can import the file as well.)

Simple Spell Table

For those seeking just the raw spell data in an editable table:


Kwanchai Moriya has paired my spell cards with his own custom artwork and boards, creating a single PDF containing the game rules, counters, boards and cards. Check out Kwanchai’s Wiz War Package at